The story so far

Born on the mean streets of County Wexford, Ireland, I moved to Manchester in 2008 to find my wealth. After about 100 interviews I finally got my lucky break with an affiliate management agency called R.O-EYE and thus began my career in digital marketing

Over the years to follow I chased pay rises, moving from agency to in-house and back again, all the while learning my Pay Per Click craft, 99% of it self-taught. My big break came when I was appointed Head of Digital at We Buy Any Car where I managed all of the online marketing activity for 4 years. A tough working environment, but one that has shaped my attitude to work and my attention to detail.

I moved from WBAC to On the Beach in 2018 to take on the role as Head of Performance Marketing, getting promoted to Director of Performance Marketing in January 2020. I know, great timing, right?…


On the value of a pound

Over the years I have managed PPC budgets from £300 per month up to £5 million per month. I’ve always respected the money that I spend, treating it as if it is my own. Whether you’re a CMO working for a FTSE100 company or a barber trying to grow his business, I treat all spend the same. I want to get the maximum return for my clients investment. I too, spend money on advertising and I know how it feels to spend without return or visibility so I go into every contract with the attitude that I can lose a client as quick as win them

On work ethic & development

My working day starts at 3 am. I like to rise before the majority of the world. It gives me time to get my head down and get some solid, uninterrupted work in. Having three kids is unpredictable to say the least so I make sure that I control what I can so that when something unseen comes up, I can deal with it effectively

I’d like to think that I would be seen as someone into personal development. I read on average a book a week, usually business books, biographies and some Agatha Christie! With the industry in constant change, the introduction and development of AI and the value that I need to bring to clients, I need to stay on top of my game