We are Aquire.

We’re a group of seasoned marketing professionals who work for national, international and global companies

Who we are.

Leonardo, Donatello, Michaelangelo and Raphael…marketing professionals with a range of experience across online and offline marketing. Specializing in PPC, SEO, Facebook Ads and Data Analysis


Creative Director






Social Media


The campaigns we manage aren't a set it and forget it. We are constantly optimizing and scaling accounts whether that's through the normal channels or exploring new sources of revenue.  We are very diligent in our work and leave no stone unturned.  


As business owners we know the value of money. We’re not some kids fresh out of uni, high on life (or other stuff) and without value for client’s money. You’ve worked hard to earn your money and we treat client spend as if it was our own. If you don’t succeed, we don’t. Also, if we can’t see a client getting success with PPC we tell them straight away


When you work with Aquire, you work with a seasoned professional. You will have the intro call with them, reports from them and your account will be optimized by them. You won’t pay your first month’s fee and then a graduate will soon be working on the account (starting to sound ageist here). We are UK based but service global clients


Working with an agency, you get some industry analysis, use of tools and nice lunches.  We provide in -depth category and market analysis, not just focusing on your own market as there is a lot of learning's to be had from other markets and niches. We may not buy you a steak but with the money you’ll make from PPC you can afford your own

How we work.

1A brief comes in and we go into what we call DISCOVERY. This is largely dictated by whether the client has an existing account or not. In this phase we look to understand the market, the competition, the goals and objectives and the timelines. We then come up with a custom plan which needs to be agreed by both parties before sign-off

2We then move into EXECUTION. The main bulk of work is completed here with account setup or re-structure based on previous activity. Running alongside this phase is Data Measurement & Dashboarding which is key to measuring the success of the campaign. Execution can consist of the PPC account creation but can also lead to us tapping into other channels such as paid social or SEO

3Lastly we continuously OPTIMIZE the marketing activity. Reviewing performance on a daily basis and tweaking to improve our results. Double down on what is working and re-invest from underperforming areas. This phase includes optimization of every aspect of the campaign from keywords to bid strategies to ads