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If you’ve got this far you’re either a SPAM bot trying to fill my form in with a email address, another service supplier that will guarantee me page 1 SEO rankings for all my keywords in 14 minutes, or an actual real-life prospective client

You can fill the form in below, call me on 0161 524 3618 or email me at

I don’t have an office, that’s my home address. I don’t have a meeting room but we can go for a walk in the woods instead

Don’t worry, I will contact you once, maybe twice. I’m not one to hound someone and I understand that sometimes forms get filled in and then the person has second thoughts and just doesn’t respond. If that’s the case, then I will accept that you’ve met somebody else and moved on. I’ll be here waiting, under your bed

PS for every form fill, no trees will be planted. Seems like that’s all the rage nowadays

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