How to set up a PPC account

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Following on from the previous post, How to set up an online business, today we will teach you how to set up a Google Ads account. The setup will take about 5 minutes and once complete you will have the base for your online advertising and get £120 FREE Google Ads Spend!!

Step 1: Create a new Gmail address

We like fresh starts, working with a blank canvas. When we create a new account for a client we set up a new Gmail address. Usually, it will contain [clientname].ppc@gmail.com. You can set up your free Gmail account here

Step 2: Search for a Google Ads Voucher

Google usually has a signing up bonus offer for new customers so we would suggest Googling “Google Ads voucher” and visiting the official Google link. Currently, there is an offer on where Google will match your first £120 ad spend although you need to avail of this offer in the first 30 days of setting your account up.

Enter your new Gmail address here and you will receive the code to your email.

Step 3: Account Set-up

Go to your Gmail and open the voucher email that you received from Google Ads. Click on the Get Started link and you will be brought to the Google Ads set-up screen. A few important points follow so please follow carefully.

You will see the below screen which asks for your advertising goal. Once clicked it will set up a Google SMART campaign. For transparency, visibility, and full control over your advertising we would suggest clicking the “Switch to Expert Mode” below. Even if you are just a beginner, this will make it easier to manage your account straight out of the gate.

Once clicked you will then get the option to create a campaign on the below screen. For now, click “Create an account without a campaign” and we will show you why in later posts.

Although the next screen may seem unimportant, this may be the most important setting in the entire history of Google Ads accounts. We have seen many businesses set up a currency incorrectly at the start and then you are stuck with this forever. Once companies get success from Google Ads they don’t want to set up a new account in the correct currency and lose all their history so they need to just grin and bear it. Select your billing country, time zone, and currency and click Submit

Once clicked you will be taken to your Google Ads dashboard. Just one more step to complete the setup

Step 4: Billing Details

Adding your billing details is simple. Go to Tools & Settings in the top right of the screen as seen below and click “Billing Settings”

Input your Debit or Credit card details along with your personal and business info and then click SAVE. Once you do this you will get an option to enter a Promotional Code on the same screen. Go back to your Gmail, copy and paste the code and input it here. You will receive a confirmation that the voucher is active.

And that’s how to set up a PPC account. Your Google Ads home base is complete. In the next post, we will help you set up your first campaign which will enable you to get your advertising live but while you wait we have completed a guide on how to set up a google analytics campaign


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